Robin Jermer, Moritz Stahl, Marco Dufner, Tilman Brandl, Sam Hylton

Robin Jermer, Moritz Stahl, Marco Dufner, Tilman Brandl, Sam Hylton

Ark Noir

“A Munich-based collective that defies most typical genre association, Ark Noir blends electronic- inspired beats with instrumental improvisation to create new sounds derived from a plethora of influences. Not necessarily a “dance band,“ Ark Noir considers its music conducive to movement, capable of transmitting cinematic imagery into listeners’ minds.”



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March 14 Tunnel Visions Volume 1 Milla Club, Munich

July 19 Tunnel Visions Volume 2 Milla Club, Munich

October 17 Progressive Chamber Music Festival Milla Club, Munich

December 13 Tunnel Visions Volume 3 Milla Club, Munich


January 19 Ark Noir, Slatec, Organ Explosion Technikum, Werksviertel Munich

February 28 Tunnel Visions Volume 4 Milla Club, Munich

April 19 Ark Noir Live In The Universe ESO Supernova (Planetarium), Garching

April 21 Isarflux Festival Blackbox Gasteig, München

May 3 Donaufestival Krems a.d. Donau, AT

May 10 Big Harry Festival Ampere/Muffathalle, Munich

June 14 Tunnel Visions Volume 5 Milla Club, Munich

July 6 Release Concert Unterfahrt Jazzclub Unterfahrt, Munich

July 15 Ark Noir SchonSchoen, Mainz

July 26/27 FESTIVAL L*ABORE Vogtland, Germany

September 27 Tunnel Visions Volume 6 Milla Club, Munich

October 19 Digital Analog 2019 Blackbox, Gasteig, München

December 13 Tunnel Visions Volume 7 Milla Club, Munich